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Why More Young People Have ‘Old’ Ears

This was published in Huffington Post India on 15 Nov 2015. It talks about headphones/earphones and how more and more people are turning partially to fully deaf these days due to loud music. Here is the link.

Here’s an extract:

Sometimes metaphors best drive home a point. Thus, telling a 25-year-old obsessed with loud music that they’ll have “noise-induced hearing loss” is better expressed as, “You’ll get the ears of a 75-year old.” As we age, most of us suffer from natural, gradual hearing loss, mainly due to cumulative slow-paced damage to the same hair cells over decades. What the naive over-use of earphones is doing is simply hastening this damage, and now increasingly more and more teenagers and young persons are developing serious hearing problems — like Coldplay’s Chris Martin. It’s the auditory equivalent of beginning to lose one’s sexual drive at, say, age 22.

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