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Gandhi, Tata, and the Uncomfortable Indian in the West

The Huffington Post carried this on Dec 8, 2016. Here is the link.

Below is an extract:

“Just as it was for Gandhi then, the process of reading and understanding a restaurant menu in the West is exhausting and painful even now. The first time at a Starbucks in the US, a friend and I ended up ordering an unexpectedly bitter, black, milk-less coffee because we just couldn’t wrap our heads around the menu items, and didn’t know that they actually had milk jugs up there. We should have asked, but then we were too shy—reminiscent of the famous incident at Pietermaritzburg where Gandhi, having had himself thrown out of a train, was too afraid of being ridiculed again to ask the station master for his overcoat during that terribly cold night.”

3 thoughts on “Gandhi, Tata, and the Uncomfortable Indian in the West

  1. Kiran,though you say you were not fluent in speaking English, you have written so well. You have expressed yourself beautifully.I could visualize myself, who had similar experience going to Mumbai from Jalgaon, 30 years ago.focus on your work and you will go places. All the best!!


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