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Why India’s Media Should Focus Intensely on Public Health

This article was published in Huffington Post on 29 July 2015. Here is the link.


India is a resilient nation, having achieved in the past 67 years what perhaps no other predominantly poor nation could do. It raised the life expectancy of its citizens from 32 years at Independence to 65 years in 2012, and despite grim international predictions it succeeded in eliminating polio. The Indian media has also seen great success in advocacy of issues like women’s rights and anti-corruption. It is now time to combine the powers of media on one hand and health activists/workers on the other. Lasting development of any society lies in its regarding health and education more important than any other political subject. No doubt media has the power to propel India to a state where politicians passionately speak about, and citizens collectively protest over, issues like patchy drug supplies in government hospitals or policymaking in favour of indigenous medical research; it’s just the will that is missing for now.

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