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British Raj and VVIP Raj: A Public Health Insight

This article was published in Huffington Post India on 22 June 2015. Here is the link.

An excerpt:

MK Gandhi once famously told the British to leave India to God or to anarchy. But Indians had other reasons too for aspiring political freedom: they were fed up of the high-handedness and corruption prevalent in the colonial leadership and desired an empathetic, supportive government of their ‘own people’. In this matter, it looks as if successive Indian politicians have (surprisingly) listened to the Mahatma: they have for the most part left India to God and chaos. The Indian nation has come a long way from the miserable times of 1947, but that is decidedly more because of the resilience and resourcefulness of common citizens than because of wise political leadership. It is now high time our political leadership jettisoned the colonial mindset once and for all. Only then will the soul of our nation, long suppressed, finally find utterance.

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