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Why I Decided to Return Swades

An ‘India’ bookmark that a good friend gifted me while I was leaving for the US

This article was published in HuffPost India on 24 June 2015. Here is the link.

An excerpt:

That is what this splendid country, with its magnetic magnificence, has always done – infused people’s lives with glorious purposes. Several centuries before Christ, its serenity and natural wondrousness inspired its inhabitants to compose a remarkable body of literature that still spellbinds scholars and laypersons alike; around 500 BCE its poverty and suffering transformed a pampered prince into a highly intellectual sage we venerate even today; around 1000 CE its sensuality and boldness gave temple sculptors a unique purpose whose curvaceous fruits we find delicious even now; in rest of the world’s ‘dark’ Middle Ages its awe-inspiring diversity and richness transformed an illiterate teenager king into one of the wisest and most enlightened emperors ever; in the 1990s its corruption and healthcare woes motivated a London-trained cardiac surgeon to develop a singularly unique system of hospital administration which fascinates experts everywhere; and in 2004, its impoverished little child selling water at a train station convinced a NASA scientist who used to believe ‘it’s a much better life there’ that ‘there’s a lot I can do here.’…


One thought on “Why I Decided to Return Swades

  1. The character Mohan in Swades is inspired by the life of Ravi Kuchimanchi – a Physics PhD from Maryland or PennState (I am not sure). He and his coworkers started a dam construction project in Bilgao in Maharashtra after or during the Narmada Bachao Andolan.


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