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What India Can Learn from Scandinavia and their ‘Welfare’ Models

This article appeared in India Today’s ‘DailyO’ on 12 Nov 2015. It can be found here.

Below is an excerpt:

For India, where generally, the amount you earn dictates how well you get treated (medically and otherwise), Scandinavia offers some wise health policy lessons. What broadly defines their success in healthcare is extensive government participation. India pales in comparison, as our politicians hardly prioritise health. In Norway 85 per cent of all nationwide health expenses happen through the government (India’s figure is 32 per cent). They have what is called a single-payer health system, where there is a single agency (the government) which insures all citizens, eliminating the need for multiple private insurance companies. And while private hospitals do exist, there is little difference in the quality of care provided by them and government hospitals.


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