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The Cesarean Epidemic: Let’s Make Normal Deliveries the Norm Again

This article was published as an op-ed in the Times of India on Jan 9 2016. Here is the link:

Following is an extract:

The public health problem of unnecessary Caesareans has been around for some time now. But only recently, with distrust in the healthcare system increasing, have Indian patients begun questioning needless surgeries vociferously. One now hopes that the medical community proactively and urgently initiates efforts (rather than being forced by public pressure) to offer more evidence-based birthing experiences, as these will also be highly positive steps in reaching out to a disconcerted society. Feminists and women’s rights organisations too need to take caesareans seriously, as clearly thousands of women are undergoing unnecessary major surgeries each year. They can perhaps start pressuring doctors and hospitals to publicly declare their C-section rates, as is being encouraged by the Leapfrog Group in the US..

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