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Obstetric Violence, and Disrespect and Abuse of Women in India’s Hospitals

This part-satire fictional article was published in India Medical Times on 30 jan 2016. Here is the link.

Below is an excerpt:

“We have this pet phrase of ‘skilled birth attendance’. Politicians and bureaucrats naively believe that getting women give birth in hospitals instead of homes satisfies the ‘skilled birth attendance’ recommendation of the World Health Organization. But then, does assisting a woman become a mother require only clinical skills? No. Skills like compassion, empathy and humanity are equally essential, and glaringly lacking in our hospitals.

“Besides, by increasing the burden on hospitals without taking care of human resource development, even the hospital staff are not able to work at their best skill levels. Which is why I say that even if India has an 80-90% hospital deliveries rate, true skilled birth attendance is perhaps not even 50%.”


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