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Harvard Student Working For India’s Rural Women and Maternal Health

I wrote this article to honor the magnificent work being done by my friend Aneel Brar in the field of maternal health. It appeared in HuffPost India on March 13, 2016. Here is the link.

Following is an extract:

“It’s a much better life there” is what the lead character opined about America in the film Swades, echoing the sentiments of countless expatriates. From how I see it, Aneel has found the rare balance between the ‘better’ life there and the ‘more fruitful’ life here. Social justice giants Amartya Sen and Paul Farmer, with whom Aneel also took a class at Harvard, inspire him immensely. While the antenatal care work is going great, he awaits more funds so that MJK can focus on maternal mental health, and a holistic approach that includes education and nutrition well beyond pregnancy. He observed that villagers generally give importance to women’s health only till childbirth, after which the traditional neglect resumes, thus necessitating a broader approach. He also desires to share his research, expertise and knowledge with the government (and we hope that the government is listening!).


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