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‘Dissenting Diagnosis’: A Must-read Book for Medicos and Citizens Alike

This is my review of the important book ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’, which was released some weeks back. Published in India Medical Times on 17 May 2016.

Here is an excerpt:

There are two specific myths that this book deftly busts. First, the token defence invariably used by the likes of IMA: ‘Yes there are “black sheep” in our profession, but they are very less; most doctors in India practise ethically and rationally’. Dr George Mathai, a senior physician from Alibag, Maharashtra, contends: I feel that now we will need a microscope to find any white sheep that remain!…

The second myth is the sweeping nomenclature of the current state of affairs regarding malpractice and unethical acts as a ‘doctors versus society’ friction. On deeper inspection, this turns out to be highly misleading, and channels young doctors into believing that once into practice, the whole society is going to be against them and that their only ‘saviours’ are their fellow doctors… ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’ makes it amply clear that while ‘society’ has only recently gotten embroiled into these affairs, the primary friction was and will always be between doctors who practise ethically and doctors who do not. As a senior pathologist explained to the book’s authors: ‘Even my MBBS friends — who have now become consultants — do not refer patients to me because I don’t give them cuts.’


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