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Black Money and White Violence: How 2016 India Brings Back Dark Memories of Colonized India

This piece was published in TheWire.in on January 4 2016. Here is the link. Below is an excerpt:

“While such absurd colonial arguments do not exist, the colonial attitude surely does, even today. It is this attitude that makes ‘digital India’ devalue the lives of those it refuses to empathise with – the millions of poor ‘coolie’ Indians. For example, the prime minister made his overly dramatic Nov 8 announcement without caring for the devastation it would cause in the lives of those underprivileged Indians who have no bank accounts or ID cards, or those who live in remote towns and villages where banks are several kilometres away and only occasionally functional, or those whose near and dear ones are bed-ridden or admitted to hospitals, or those who are disabled or chronically ill, or those senior citizens who live by themselves and have no support system – all ostensibly, like the British officer’s boot kick, for the ‘ultimate good’ of suffering Indians. It is shocking that Modi’s December 31 speech too saw no expressions of remorse or even a mention of citizens who lost their lives or have suffered irreversibly from his decision.”

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