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How confirmation bias dictates our social media responses, and what to do about it

This was published in HuffPost India on May 22, 2017. Here is the link, and below is an extract:

“As responsible digital citizens, we need to cautiously tread the maddeningly insane social media. Instead of jumping to conclusions about serious issues in a matter of seconds, we should make our conclusions only after weighing all sides of an argument. It might even help to discuss the issue, in civil language, with others who disagree with our point of view, especially as one of the most common causes of persistent biases is our dependence on a select narrow group of people for advice and opinion. If, as is of late fashionably argued, soldiers are willing to die on the borders for the sake of the nation, then on our part we should at least be prepared to spend some extra time thinking and researching and listening to others, for the sake of the nation.”

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