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New Year’s resolutions for ‘frustrated’ Indians

India currently is in a weird situation with citizens going after citizens to ostensibly protect politicians and the nation. Hardly have we seen such a state of affairs before, where concerned and worried Indians are labeled anti-national and every blunder of the government is vehemently defended by a section of educated citizens.

Through this post I try to converse with many of my fellow Indians who I believe have good ends (of seeing the nation do well) but potentially dangerous means (tolerating violence, intolerance, corruption, and divisive actions from the government and ‘fringe elements’ in the name of nation and religion). Below are some New Year resolutions I propose for my compatriots, hoping that at least a few will take these seriously.


IN 2018 (and after) I WILL…

— stop calling my fellow Indians, especially my own friends and acquaintances, ‘anti-national’

— stop blindly trusting news items, images, videos and sundry messages on SM, especially those that ask me to ‘save my religion’

— stop being a frustrated Indian and try to be a better, logical, caring Indian & human

— start opposing any and every act of violence in my country and in the world, whoever perpetrates it for whatever reason

— be more vigilant against fake news and against those who peddle fake propaganda

— start convincing myself that it is pointless and destructive to try to ‘avenge’ today things that happened decades to centuries ago

— start being a good citizen of India instead of unquestioning fan of a politician or loyalist of a party

— no longer get so blinded by hatred that I forget the responsibility to bequeath a peaceful and tolerant society to my kids

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