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Inviting doctors and patients to share experiences and thoughts

A project on the history of medical practice in India
Inviting doctors and patients to share experiences and thoughts

My name is Kiran Kumbhar. I am an MBBS graduate from BJ Govt Medical College, Pune (2010), and have previously worked in Pune, Ratnagiri, and Delhi as medical officer and non-PG resident doctor. Currently I am a PhD student at Harvard University, Cambridge, studying the history of medicine in post-independence India.

Over the next two years, as part of my PhD thesis and research, I will be exploring in detail the evolution of medical practice and of the patient-doctor relationship in India since the 1950s. My proposed thesis mainly pertains to charting a detailed history of the social and cultural aspects of medical practice in India, and trying to understand more fully how and why things evolved the way they did. I was drawn to this topic because I share, with many other citizens and healthcare professionals, a concern over the highly charged milieu of doctor-patient encounters in India today, encounters which often culminate in assaults on healthcare practitioners, particularly doctors. It will be difficult to devise sustainable solutions to the current trust crisis without understanding better the social and historical background of medical practice and the patient-doctor relationship. This project is one small step towards that understanding.

I wish to have as broad and multi-faceted an understanding as possible. In pursuit of that, I am hereby inviting thoughts and opinions and suggestions from people on these topics of medical practice and patient-doctor relationship. Though I am particularly looking for information on medical practice and patient experiences in the past and on the historical trajectory of these, I will also benefit from more recent and current experiences and thoughts.

You could be a young medical/nursing student, or a ‘layperson’/patient, or a resident doctor, or a medical college professor, or a current or retired doctor/healthcare practitioner; whether you live in India or elsewhere – I would love to know your thoughts and broaden my own understanding of medicine and healthcare, those highly crucial aspects of our human and social lives.

This form will help you enter your name and email ID, and other optional information, so that I can contact you back.

Thank you.

[My email is: kirankumbhar@mail.harvard.edu. For more information about me, you can visit my website here.]


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