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The website “Caring for India” is run by me, KIRAN KUMBHAR. I am a medical doctor and health policy graduate, and currently a doctoral student at Harvard University (history of medicine). I have been writing about public health and health reform in India for the past three years, with contributions to Times of India, HuffPost, and Scroll, among others. In my PhD currently, I focus on history of India and history of medicine.

I was born and raised in the Konkan region of western India, and graduated with an MBBS from BJ Medical College Pune in 2010. I worked as medical officer and resident doctor in several health centres, then went to Harvard Univ in 2014, to graduate with a master’s degree in public health. After spending 2015-16 in India, I am back at Harvard Univ for my PhD.

For more information about my ‘caring for India’ and my motivations to write about public health in the country, kindly visit DONATE TO HELP THE AUTHOR.

My CV is available here.

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